Tater Bats Tater Bats Model TB-141 Pro Wood Bat | Maple | 34" (-3)
Traditional Knob | Medium Handle
Gradual Transition | Long/Medium Barrel
34" (-3) Balanced
The TB-141 model wood baseball bat can be used by all types of hitters - singles, gap, or even power hitters. This model gives hitters the classic feel due to it featuring an extra long barrel and a slow transition into the handle. The TB-141 provides a lot of versatility and can easily be utilized by anyone in the lineup. A great option in either Maple or Birch since it is made using high density billets
Tater Bats Tater FLO11 Fungo Wood Baseball Bat | Maple | 34" 24 oz.
Whether you want the fungo to use for training or to impress your coach with a season ending “Thank You"gift we ensure that our fungos are made with the same quality control specs as our MLB grade game bats. No need to wear yourself out hitting ground balls and fly balls to your team. Tater Bats fungo wood baseball bats are specifically designed for coaches to easily hit ground balls and fly balls for infield or outfield practice. The balanced design helps you swing with less effort. The bat is lightweight and durable.This bat is 34" long and weighs 24 oz.

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