BWP BWP JD22 Wood Baseball Bat | Birch
Traditional Knob | Medium Handle
Gradual Transition | Long Barrel
34" (-1) Balanced
Designed exclusively to minimize bat breakage. The JD22 wood baseball bat is a rock solid bat that is handmade from a high density billet; it exhibits a tapered knob, standard handle size, and an extended barrel that has a large sweet spot. This bat is geared toward any player 1 thru 9 in the lineup. The profile offers a great balance point directly at the sweet spot which endless players of varying skills support.
BWP BWP Mr. Nasty Wood Baseball Bat | Birch
Flared Knob | Medium Handle
Quick Transition | Big Barrel
34" (-2) End Loaded
The Mr. Nasty wood baseball bat is the original BWP turning model. Described as a power hitters dream. The Mr. Nasty features a tapered knob, standard handle size and a large extended barrel. Unlike other large barreled bats, the Mr. Nasty has a tapered knob that adds control and stability as it offsets the weight differential, generating a more balanced feel. Mr. Nasty is a unique and exclusive model that is only found at BWP Bats.
Phoenix Phoenix Bats Model V243 Wood Bat | Birch
Traditional Knob | Medium Handle
Transition | Barrel
34" (-2)
Phoenix Bats Model V243 Wood Baseball Bat Typical User: Clean-up batter and 5-hole power hitter Power hitter who wants a large sized barrel and a medium sized handle Has plate discipline & strength to handle end weight of this bat STATS: 2-9/16" big, end-weight barrel 15/16" average handle with very slight flare at end Enough knob to catch hand (knobless option also available) -2 drop (length - 2 = weight)
Show Bats Show Bats PRO JG111 Wood Bat | Birch
Flared Knob | Medium Handle
Transition | Big Barrel
34" (-2)
The Show Bats Pro JG111 wood baseball bat is similar to the AP5. This bat has great feel with a large barrel and a flared knob. This model continues to grow in popularity among hitters of all ages.

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