Americas Bat Co Playing Bats Burnt | Brown | Black / 34
Americas Bat Co Playing Bats Burnt | Brown | Black / 34
Americas Bat Co Playing Bats Burnt | Brown | Black / 34
Americas Bat Co Playing Bats Burnt | Brown | Black / 34
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ABC 271-A Wood Bat | Ash

Traditional Knob | Thick Handle | Gradual Transition | Big Barrel
34"(-2) - Slightly End Loaded


Bat Specifications:

  • Brand: ABC
  • Turn Model: 271-A
  • Wood Species: Ash
  • Length: 34"
  • Drop Weight: (-2)
  • Colorway: Burnt/Brown/Gold
  • Finish: Glossy
  • Cupping: Cupped

    The ABC Model 271 wood baseball bat has a large (2.52in) barrel with a medium (0.97) handle that flares into a traditional tapered knob. This model is very well balanced. This bat is the best model to make the transition form from aluminum into wood. The Model 271 is arguably the most popular bat among professional players.

    Our Pro quality bats are made in the USA from natural wood products, and the highest quality materials.

    Don't see what your looking for? We have an incredible relationship with our bat manufacturers. If you don't see the turn model, wood species, length, weight, and color combination you're looking for - let us know! Chances are - we can get you the bat you're after - in just a few days.

    Contact us so we can get the deets, and we'll provide you with an expected delivery date!

      ABC Logo

      ABC Bats is dedicated to the production of quality, split billet made, wood baseball bats in birch, ash and maple. The America's Bat Company brand operates in five countries: The United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Holland, Korea and all of Asia. ABC Bats are used in Big Leagues, and they are the official bat of several teams in the Mexican Pacific League and Mexican Baseball League.

      ABC Bats began its dream to someday reach the Big Leagues with a baseball bat and it was then, that the project started in 2005.

      When the project began, Jaime Barrera, Americas’ Bat Co. CEO and baseball player, was thinking what to do to replace the baseball bats that were frequently broken, and also were highly expensive. It is then that he decided to pull all his effort and dedication to start a baseball bat factory. What was once first visualized as a dream, would soon become a reality.

      As he was sharing his dream with his close friends, he was receiving negative comments, that could make him desist from his idea but, at the end, his passion for the game prevailed, and his dream became a reality…Americas’ Bat Co. was founded.

      It was not until 2009, that Jaime received a call from a Big League Baseball employee, with the notification that his product had fulfilled all the norms and regulations imposed by the commissioner’s office, and Americas’ Bat Co. was ready to make its debut in the Big League.

      Whether it's BBCOR, USA Baseball, or USSSA Certification - all one-piece wood bats (except bamboo) are allowed for use - with or without the certification markings. This means every bat in our lineup is considered certified, or rather certification not required. Because every one of the above mentioned standards are designed to make a metal bat respond more like a wood bat.

      If the standard is make metal bats respond like wood bats - meaning they take away all the benefits of metal bats(ie: exit velocity), but don't give you back any of the benefits of wood (immediate feedback)... Then why would any serious player use anything but wood? Nothing can provide you the immediate feedback that a wood bat gives, both in terms of sound and feel. Miss the sweet spot? Those stinging hands will tell you so! Plus wood bats don't have a trampolining effect, because they aren't hollow. Wood is the only option for players who want to be their best. No matter who your favorite pro player is, there's one thing that's for sure - he swings a wood bat. You should too.


      Swing Like A Pro.