Axis Bats Playing Bats Black | Thin Red Line | Gold / 28
Axis Bats Playing Bats Black | Thin Red Line | Gold / 28
Axis Bats Playing Bats Black | Thin Red Line | Gold / 28
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Axis AX274 Wood Bat | Maple

Flared Knob | Thick Handle | Gradual Transition | Medium Barrel
28"(-5) - Slightly End Loaded


Bat Specifications:

  • Brand: Axis
  • Turn Model: AX274
  • Wood Species: Maple
  • Length: 28"
  • Drop Weight: (-5)
  • Colorway: Black/Thin Red Line/Gold
  • Finish: Glossy
  • Cupping: Cupped


    The barrel on this model is very similar to a 271 but the handle and knob design gives the hitter exceptional feel for being able to control the head of the bat.

    Axis Logo

    Axis is a family-owned and operated company located in Fall River, Massachusetts. Axis produces some of the finest quality split billet made wood baseball bats available in the game.

    Lou LeDoux has been making quality bats for years, so it's no wonder his MLB-approved bats have been crushing it with top MLB stars - past and present.

    With a focus on a building perfectly balanced bats, through quality materials, using the best technologies, and engineering paired with outstanding customer service Axis has found its place in the wood bat world. By never compromising on quality Axis consistently lives up to its motto - The Science Behind the Art of Hitting.

    See, we're not in the business of mass producing a brand... we're in the business of making a difference in your game!




    The Wood Bat Factory Logo

    The Wood Bat Factory is passionate about the importance of every player using a wood bat. We also stand behind every product we offer. We know that every brand we carry starts off with the best billets available ANYWHERE. A Leatherstocking Hand-Split Billet Co. Billet.

    This is why we offer a 30 day warranty on every playing bat we sell*.

    We understand that transitioning to wood, and becoming a better batter requires practice. If you are new to wood bats we highly recommend swinging a bat with a thick handle. This adds durability to bat in the area where it is most vulnerable to breakage should a mis-hit occur. And as you transition to wood - mis-hits will occur. No bat regardless of brand or wood quality can sustain mis-hits near the end of the barrel, or near the label. Sooner or later, mis-hitting will lead to bat breakage, and even the pros break bats.

    A broken bat - isn't necessarily while not fun - should be viewed as a learning opportunity. Maybe you should have laid off of that inside fast ball! A broken bat is just one of the feedback mechanisms that a wood bat offers that a metal bat never will. In addition to possibly breaking - wood bats provide instant feedback in the way of both tactile and audible ques. There's a reason your hands sting, or the hit sounds funny when you miss the sweet spot.

    We are so passionate about our mission to get every player swinging a wood bat that our warranty is designed to encourage players young and old to use a wood bat every time they step into the box. We will replace your bat regardless of whether it was a manufacturing defect, which let's face it - despite the fact that we offer only bats made from the highest quality wood available, and from brands with discriminating quality assurance processes - can happen, or if it's broken by a player swinging a pitch that he shouldn't have swung at!

    *Our warranty does not cover neglect or abuse.

    For full warranty details - see our WARRANTY PAGE HERE or Submit a Warranty Claim

    Swing Like A Pro.

    Whether it's BBCOR, USA Baseball, or USSSA Certification - all one-piece wood bats (except bamboo) are allowed for use - with or without the certification markings. This means every bat in our lineup is considered certified, or rather certification not required. Because every one of the above mentioned standards are designed to make a metal bat respond more like a wood bat.

    If the standard is make metal bats respond like wood bats - meaning they take away all the benefits of metal bats(ie: exit velocity), but don't give you back any of the benefits of wood (immediate feedback)... Then why would any serious player use anything but wood? Nothing can provide you the immediate feedback that a wood bat gives, both in terms of sound and feel. Miss the sweet spot? Those stinging hands will tell you so! Plus wood bats don't have a trampolining effect, because they aren't hollow. Wood is the only option for players who want to be their best. No matter who your favorite pro player is, there's one thing that's for sure - he swings a wood bat. You should too.


    Swing Like A Pro.

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