Beaver Bat Co. Beaver Bat Co. Model B271 Wood Bat | Maple | 32"(-2)
Traditional Knob | Thick Handle
Gradual Transition | Medium Barrel
32" (-2) Slightly End Loaded
Stand out from the other players with this Wood Bat Factory color inspired 271 turn model. The Beaver Bat Co. B271 wood baseball bat model was designed for hitters having trouble getting thru the hitting zone. This model bat is known for its striking accuracy. You will also hit for average and have some pop with its whip through the zone. 2-1/2" Barrel with 7/8" handle and a traditional knob Cupped Pro model Hand-split maple wood bat
Beaver Bat Co. USA Turbo Wood Baseball Bat | Maple | 31"(-4)
Traditional Knob | Medium Handle
Gradual Transition | Big Barrel
31" (-4) Balanced
This bat includes a flared knob, thin 7/8" handle, and a long small 2-1/4" barrel. The long barrel allows for the weight to be more evenly distributed throughout the entire length of the bat. This allows the bat to have a more balanced feel.

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