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Welcome to the Wood Bat Store you've always dreamed of.

The Wood Bat Factory is your online source for the absolute best wood baseball bats available. All of our wood bats are made from split billets, which means you are getting the strongest wood baseball bats that are achievable. The split billet process all but ensures your bat will have a straight grain, especially in the handle of the bat, and this single difference, makes our bats some of the strongest wood baseball bats available. Anywhere.

We are extremely passionate about wood, and we feel that every player should learn to play ball by swinging a wood bat. Wood baseball bats give you unparalleled feedback. Feedback that is absolutely essential to being able to make the necessary adjustments when things aren't quite right. This leads to the development of good habits, and sound fundamentals.

We hope you will have a look around. And if you don't see something you're after, or you want something truly custom, please, don't hesitate to contact us. We will do everything in our power to make your wood bat buying experience an incredible one. We think you'll agree, and we hope you love it here.

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Learn All You Ever Wanted To Know About Wood Bats... And Then Some.

As the warm weather begins to break, I can't wait to hear the crack of...

by Ryan Gonzales on May 18, 2021

Back in the day, baseball players made their own bats. Historically, all wood baseball bats were made by splitting logs, and then turning those triangular staves into round billets. This resulted in wood baseball bats that had straight-grained wood, which is exactly what you are after.

by Ryan Gonzales on September 12, 2020

The great debate of which type of baseball bat is better has raged on for years, and will more than likely continue long into the future. Which is better? A Wood bat, or metal bat? Performance, Affordability, Safety. We've got you covered.

by Ryan Gonzales on September 08, 2020