Beaver Bat Co. Beaver Bat Co. Model B141 Wood Bat | Maple | 32"(-2)
Traditional Knob | Thin Handle
Gradual Transition | Big Barrel
32" (-2) Balanced
The Beaver Bat Co. Model B141 is a traditional bat used by many baseball players. The B141 model can be used by both contact and power hitters. The model B141 bat can be a great choice for someone switching from a metal bat to a wood bat. This model has a standard knob, 15/16" handle and a 2 1/2" barrel.
BWP BWP BH12 Wood Baseball Bat | Maple
Traditional Knob | Medium Handle
Gradual Transition | Long/Medium Barrel
31" (-3) Balanced
The BWP BH12 is a classic cut model. The BH12 is based off of the T141 model profile. This model features a standard knob, a medium handle, and an extended medium sized barrel. The BH12 is tailored for all types of hitters.
Phoenix Phoenix Bats R141B Wood Bat | Birch | 32.5" (-3)
Traditional Knob | Medium Handle
Gradual Transition | Medium Barrel
32.5" (-3) Balanced
The Phoenix Bats R141B Wood Baseball Bat typical user: Singles/doubles hitter that values bat speed & light weight 1, 2, 9-hole batter in the line-up Average size/build hitter for high school bat STATS: 2-1/2" slightly weighted barrel for fast swing 15/16" medium flared, average size handle Enough knob to catch hand (-3) drop (length - 3 = weight)
Phoenix Phoenix 141HD Wood Bat | Birch | 31" (-2)
Traditional Knob | Medium Handle
Gradual Transition | Medium Barrel
31" (-2) Balanced
The Phoenix 141HD Wood Baseball Bat is geared toward the batter who: is a 3, 6, 7-hole guy for pop without end weight Hits for average, so seeks a balanced bat that blends good pop with good bat speed Values extra durability vs customizing bat Wants bat fast (ships same/next day) with no rush fee STATS: 2-1/2" balanced, moderate length, cupped barrel 15/16" fairly straight handle into average width knob to rest hand on
Tater Bats Tater Bats Model TB-141 Pro Wood Bat | Maple | 34" (-3)
Traditional Knob | Medium Handle
Gradual Transition | Long/Medium Barrel
34" (-3) Balanced
The TB-141 model wood baseball bat can be used by all types of hitters - singles, gap, or even power hitters. This model gives hitters the classic feel due to it featuring an extra long barrel and a slow transition into the handle. The TB-141 provides a lot of versatility and can easily be utilized by anyone in the lineup. A great option in either Maple or Birch since it is made using high density billets

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