We are not simply a bat company.

    We are seeking to influence the culture in a positive way and build up the community. By encouraging the exclusive use of wood baseball bats at all levels, we believe this philosophy is consistent with living a life of purpose, rather than just focusing on the immediate external outcome. To this end, our goal is to provide every ball player with the highest quality wood bats, at an affordable price, with superior customer service.

    We are able to combine first class experience in both baseball and master wood working, while working directly with our customers. No other company can offer the range of options and state-of-the-art process we do as a small business. Bridging the gap between individually hand crafted works of art and the large scale consistency of bigger bat companies.

    We choose Leatherstocking Hand-Split Billets because they are simply the best. We have tried several other suppliers in the course of producing an average of 2,000 bats per year, and no one else matches the quality and consistency of LS.

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