Leatherstocking Hand-Split Billet Company

Leatherstocking Hand-Split Billet Co. produces hand-split and vacuum-kiln-dried billets, providing baseball bat manufacturers with the most consistently straight-grained, high-yielding, and brightest bat blanks made of maple, birch, and ash, hand-selected from within a 300 mile radius of the Leatherstocking Region of New York State.

Leatherstocking Hand-Split Billet Co. is a wholesale sup- plier of superior wooden baseball bat billets. We deliver the highest quality in both appearance and structural integrity. Our entire process is focused on the production of baseball bat billets. Every step in the process, from timber selection and log procurement, log breakdown, splitting, drying and grading are all done with a singular purpose: produce the highest quality bat blanks available.

Learn more about Leatherstocking Hand-Splits to understand why our billets are the most desired wooden bat blanks in the industry.

Our Wood

Leatherstocking Hand-Split Billet Co. has been harvesting, processing and brokering logs for export and domestic use since 1994. Northeast hardwoods are world renowned for their superior quality. Leatherstocking Hand-Split Billet Co., which is located in Central New York’s Leatherstocking Region, is situated in an area that provides the perfect conditions for growing exceptional timber. By coupling log procurement expertise with an abundance of hardwood forests, Leatherstocking Hand-Split Billet Co. is well positioned to continue to meet the increasing demand for quality hand-split billets.

Our Grading Standards

Some bat manufacturers rely on sawmills to process their wood. Processing involves harvesting logs, sawing logs to produce billets, and kiln drying billets to an appropriate moisture content level. Sawmills do a good job of processing billets according to “lumber” standards (no knots, checks, splits, etc.). However, typical lumber standards are primarily focused on “appearance grade” and little thought is given to the structural integrity. To ensure the strength, safety and performance of a wood bat, a baseball bat billet must have exceptionally straight grain, which adds another dimension to typical hardwood lumber standards.

At Leatherstocking Hand-Split Billet Co., we utilize a proprietary grading system that ensures consistency and provides a reliable level of quality throughout all our grades. We offer four grades in Hard Maple and Ash and two grades in Birch and Soft Maple.

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