Why Wood Bats?

Why Use a Wood Baseball Bat?

Wooden Bats Are What Make You a Better Hitter. PERIOD!

Traditionally wood bats were the only choice until aluminum came into play. Yes aluminum bats made it easier for players to hit the "sweet spot"  and they're much lighter than a wooden bat, which increases swing speeds and allows a batter to hit the ball a greater distance... But what does it teach you or our kids?

Using an aluminum bat is no different than wearing a super hero costume only to remove it and find out your "super power" is gone!

A wooden bat is heavier and has a smaller sweet spot, which means it's harder to hit the baseball. In order to make contact, your swing needs to be more accurate and have the right swing path. This teaches you to be a better hitter. Practicing with a wood bat forces you to have better strike zone awareness and better plate discipline.

Are you going to wear the costume... or are you going to PRACTICE, BELIEVE & BECOME the best batter that you can be?

I'm sure you can guess what side The Wood Bat Factory is on.

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