Axis Axis AXi13 Wood Bat | Birch | 32" (-3)
Traditional Knob | Medium Handle
Quick Transition | Big Barrel
32" (-3) End Loaded
Its large barrel and precise balance makes this model a favorite for those who want more equal weight distribution. MEDIUM HANDLE | LARGE BARREL | FLARED KNOB
Beaver Bat Co. Beaver Bat Co. i13 Wood Bat | Maple | 33"(-1)
Traditional Knob | Medium Handle
Quick Transition | Big Barrel
33" (-1) End Loaded
This bat includes a flared knob, a 7/8" handle, a quick transition and a large barrel. This bat would be considered an end loaded bat. This is one of our most popular turn models among power hitters.
Buffalo Bat Co Buffalo Bat Co. A113 Wood Baseball Bat | Ash | 34” (-3)
Traditional Knob | Thin Handle
Quick Transition | Medium Barrel
34" (-3) End Loaded
The 113 Wood Bat is Buffalo Bat Co.'s version of the i13 turn model. The 113 has a medium barrel, quick taper, a thin handle and a traditional knob. This model is popular among power hitters.
Mark Lumber Mark Lumber i13 (WBF Exclusive) Wood Bat | Maple | 34" (-4)
Flared Knob | Medium Handle
Quick Transition | Big Barrel
34" (-3) End Loaded
This bat was made exclusively for The Wood Bat Factory. This model has a larger barrel, a small flared knob and a medium handle. This a typical bat for a power hitter. The i13 is one of the most popular models by players of all levels due to its ability to whip through the strike zone. 
Overfly Overfly Model MY13 Wood Bat | Birch | 33" (-3)
Traditional Knob | Medium Handle
Quick Transition | Long/Medium Barrel
33" (-3) End Loaded
El Ministro! Overfly model of choice for superstar Manny Machado. An extra long barrel combines with a medium handle to achieve the perfect combination of balance and power. Swing for the fences with control.
Victus Victus Yi13 Pro Reserve Wood Bat | Maple | 28" (-8)
Traditional Knob | Medium Handle
Quick Transition | Big Barrel
28" (-8) Slightly End Loaded - Youth
Victus Yi13 Pro Reserve Wood Baseball Bat Modeled after the I13 wood baseball bat, the YI13 is scaled down for youth players who want a slight end-load and more mass in the barrel. All Pro Reserve bats feature our ProPACT finish. Knob: Slight flare Handle: Thin Barrel: 2 1/4 Feel: Slightly end-loaded Wood: Maple Drop Weight: Approx. -6 to -8 45-day warranty included ProPACT finish
Walkoff Woods WOW i-13 Wood Bat | Maple 33 (-3)
Flared Knob | Medium
Gradual | Medium
33" (-3) End Loaded
Knob: Flared ◆ Handle: 1" ◆ Barrel: 2.6" ◆ Taper: Medium ◆ The I-13 is a solid composition of the handle of an AP5 and the 243 barrel. This is an endloaded model with a lot of pop. Any big hitter would love this model!

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