Tiger Grip Tiger Grip Bat Wrap
Tiger Grip Bat Wrap is intended to improve a batter's grip on the bat for improved swinging control, no matter what the weather conditions are. Non-slip grip material helps to improve the batters grip, swing control, and reduces bat vibration. Easy to apply.Available in 0.5mm and 1.1mm thickness.
Lizard Skins Lizard Skins Bat Grips
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Our oval pattern with added multi-directional ridges for better performance and a reformulated polymer for enhanced feel and durability. Features a new premium adhesive and installation call-outs on the grip for ease of use. The solid colors range from traditional to bold and are easy to match with equipment and uniforms. Thickness: 0.5 mm, 1.1 mm and 1.8 mm Official Bat Grip of Major League Baseball Next-Gen Polymer and texture Game-Changing tackiness and durability Designed to fit any bat Install details designed into the texture Premium adhesive for ease of install Length: 990 millimeters/39 inches with pre-cut ends Finish Strip is included INSTALL DETAILS Text instructions on where to start and finish wrapping your DSP Ultra Bat Grip have been added into the mold. There are callouts for both left handed and right handed hitters. NEXT-GEN POLYMER Durability is key when you want a grip that lasts. With a reformulated polymer you can now count on getting to plate more with the same great feel that you love. UPDATED ADHESIVE This adhesive will keep your grip in place on your bat when you need to come through in clutch situations. Whether you are batting lead off or clean up you can count on your grip being there for you. HOW TO INSTALL DSP BAT GRIP HOW TO CHOOSE A THICKNESS Our expertise in bat grip helped us foresee that players wanted different options to customize the feel and thickness of their bat handle. Unfortunately, bat manufacturers and aftermarket grips had never specified the grip size. As a result, Lizard Skins created the thickness category. DSP Bat Grip was originally released in two different thicknesses - 1.8 mm to match average industry sizes and 1.1 mm to provide a new thinner option. After further testing, a key group of MLB players requested an even thinner grip that would provide all the same gripping properties but not increase the handle thickness. The 0.5 mm thickness was created to meet the high-performance demands of the world's most competitive athletes. All three thicknesses continue to be popular today for different preferences and skill levels. 0.5mm Top grip chosen by pros Ideal on wood bats No added thickness to the handle More direct feedback from the bat Thickness: 0.5 millimeters Length: 990 millimeters / 39 inches with pre-cut ends Full adhesive back Designed to fit wood, composite or aluminum bats Finish Strip is included 1.1mm Great all-around grip Balances cushion with thickness Highest versatility Great for transitioning from composite to wood Thickness: 1.1 millimeters Length: 990 millimeters / 39 inches with pre-cut ends Full adhesive back Designed to fit wood, composite or aluminum bats Finish Strip is included
Tyrus Tyrus Premium Grip Stick
Tyrus Premium Grip Stick comes in a 3.5 oz grip stick, with a resealable plastic bag to help protect your gear from getting all junked up. Instantly improves grip, with just a thin layer. A lot less messy than tar grip! Made in U.S.A.

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