Pendleton Bats

    All Our Bats Are Handcrafted, Hand Coated and Hand Painted

    Veteran Owned
    Member of Empire State Forest Products Association

    Pendleton Bat Company, LLC is based in the Binghamton area of New York State’s Southern Tier. It was established in 2011 as a combination of passion, faith and dreams. Add in the love of the game, and engineering degree, a woodworking talent and finally a wood lathe and hours of perfecting.

    Pendleton bats are made from lumber processed through split lumber method. Splitting lumber maintains the natural grain of the lumber and is considered to be a factor in stronger bats.

    Pendleton bat company is a business built on craftsmanship and the belief that a quality product starts with a good design and putting quality raw materials through a sound repeatable manufacturing process.

    Pendleton Bat Company has expanded from local leagues with current customers from New England to Florida.

    Leatherstocking’s product and product knowledge are superior. I use only Leatherstocking lumber to make PENDLETON bats because of their straight grain and solid wood selection. I confidently put my name on every bat.
    -Rob Pendleton
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