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Wood Bats & Baseball. A Match Made in Heaven.

Leatherstocking Hand Split Billet Co. Billets

How Split Billets Make Better, Stronger, and Safer Wood Baseball Bats.

Back in the day, baseball players made their own bats. Historically, all wood baseball bats were made by splitting logs, and then turning those triangular staves into round billets. This resulted in wood baseball bats that had straight-grained wood, which is exactly what you are after.
on September 12, 2020
The Great Debate - Wood VS Metal

The Great Debate - Wood VS Metal

The great debate of which type of baseball bat is better has raged on for years, and will more than likely continue long into the future. Which is better? A Wood bat, or metal bat? Performance, Affordability, Safety. We've got you covered.
on September 08, 2020