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    As with anything in life, in order to get the best finished product you need to start with the best ingredients. That is what we live by at Stinger Bat Co. Our bat making process starts with searching for the very finest trees in existence. All of our trees are in the North Eastern US which is where the best bat making lumber is found. We first have to find the trees with the straightest grain. We have vast experience in this area and know exactly what to look for. Once the perfect tree is found we then cut it down carefully and chop it into sections.

    Each of those sections is then split so that the grain remains true. This is an essential step in producing the highest quality professional grade wood bats in the game. Once the wood is split and cut into 3'' X 3'' X 48'' billets it is then carefully dried in a wood kiln until it reaches the perfect density for bat making. The billets are then trimmed once again and are now ready to be formed into their bat shape. A CNC lathe then cuts the bats to their exact specifications according to the model that the customer desires. After the bat is turned on the lathe it is then hand sanded, cupped, and carefully inspected to ensure that it is free of imperfections. The bats are then hand finished with several coats of the desired color and clear coating until the bats have that finished look that our customers love. The bat decals are then applied and another clear coat is put on each bat. The bats are inspected once again to make sure it meets the high Stinger Bat Co. standards and then sent out to our customers.

    From start to finish Stinger Pro Grade Bats are carefully crafted with precision and attention to detail. We are baseball players ourselves and we know what a ball player wants out of their bat. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality wood bats available. When you step into the box with a Stinger in your hands you can have the confidence required to be the best hitter you can be.

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