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    Overfly Sports is a young, up-and-coming wood bat manufacturer out of Northern Mexico driven by quality and innovation. Strong believers in the idea that a top-performing product can -- and should -- also be a great-looking product. They combine exceptional quality control guidelines with aesthetic innovation to produce the top-performing, best-looking bat in the market.

    In their short time at the highest level of baseball, they have enjoyed some early success by having players such as Manny Machado, Yoan Moncada, Renato Nuñez, Eric Hosmer, Jonathan Villar, Maikel Franco, and most recently Japenese star Yoshi Tsutsugo during the 2020 World Series, among others swinging their product. Expect them to quickly gain ground in the professional and all other markets.

    Wood, specifically the hand-split variety, is mainly what brings Overfly and TWBF together. Since their beginnings, Overfly Sports has been a big believer and the strongest proponent of hand-split billets in the Latin American market. Because of this the match was perfect, and today it is a true honor for Overfly Sports and The Wood Bat Factory to be teaming up.

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