Choosing the Right Bat

Multiple wood baseball bats. All in various shades of blue, leaning against a wood wall.

Choosing the Right Bat

There are many factors to consider when choosing which wood baseball bat is right for you.  The majority of the factors to consider are based on personal preference, while other considerations may be league requirements or availability.

Wood Species

Since the 1990's, Hard Maple has become the species of choice for the majority of baseball players, but some players still prefer to play with bats made from White Ash or Yellow Birch.  Each species can offer different advantages.  Some players like the flexibility that Ash allows, or the durability of a Birch bat, while others feel that Maple hits the hardest.  It is all a matter of preference and technique.

Length & Weight

Based on age, height, and weight, we should be able to help you find the right sized bat in your wheelhouse (see chart below).

Sometimes you will see weight referenced as drop weight. This is simple the length of the bat in inches minus the weight in ounces. For example a 31" bat that weighs 29 oz. would be called a (-2) or drop 2. A 28" bat that weighs 26 oz. would also be a drop 2. A 30" bat that weighs 26 oz. is a ________ You guessed it! a Drop 4!

Other Considerations

Some other considerations are matter of preference and technique!  There are literally thousands of bat models to choose from, but the good news is there are a few standard model types that the rest are based off of.

All models are a combination of various barrel sizes, handle sizes, tapers, and knob styles.  These different combinations create different levels of balance in each wood bat. Typically, the larger barrel bats will be more "end loaded" for power hitters, where bats with a smaller diameter barrel will be easier to control for placement hitters.

Custom Wood Bat Measurement Table

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