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Make your own wood baseball bats!

You can now purchase authentic hand-split billets from The Wood Bat Factory! The best bats begin with the best raw materials.

All of the billets sold by The Wood Bat Factory are made by Leatherstocking Hand-Split Billet Company™ Leatherstocking Hand-Split Billet Company™ revolutionized the billet world, and baseball in the process. Often imitated, never duplicated. 

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Our Grading Standards

Some bat manufacturers rely on sawmills to process their wood. Processing involves harvesting logs, sawing logs to produce billets, and kiln drying billets to an appropriate moisture content level. Sawmills do a good job of processing billets according to “lumber” standards (no knots, checks, splits, etc.).However, typical lumber standards are primarily focused on “appearance grade” and little thought is given to the structural integrity.

To ensure the strength, safety and performance of a wood bat, a baseball bat billet must have exceptionally straight grain, which adds another dimension to typical hardwood lumber standards. The only way to ensure structural integrity is to begin with hand-split billets, rather than sawn billets.

At Leatherstocking Hand-Split Billet Co., we reinvented split billets. We utilize a proprietary grading system that ensures consistency and provides a reliable level of quality throughout all our grades. We offer four grades in Hard Maple and Ash and two grades in Birch and Soft Maple. Visit the Leatherstocking Hand-Split Billet Co. Website for more Grading Details.

Wood Species

Hard Maple

The biggest target in the multiple piece fracture conversation but, if processed correctly, one of the most ideal species for baseball bats. Made famous by Barry Bonds in the 1990's, Hard Maple has become the bat of choice for the majority of Major Leaguers today. The use of bats with poor slope of grain has caused many dangerous breaks but the use of properly processed bats made from split Maple billets can drastically reduce the risk of multiple piece fractures.

Soft Maple

Much lighter and less dense than Hard Maple. Not typically used for full sized bats due to different structural properties, this species is excellent for fungos or for lighter weight youth models.

White Ash

For over a century, Ash has been one of the most popular species for baseball bats. Originally introduced by bat makers due to its ease of work-ability, Ash has stood the test of time based on its comparatively lighter weight, flex characteristics and availability.


Recently, Birch has become much more popular among players at all levels of the game. Birch has proven to be a good alternative to Hard Maple and Ash with respect to performance. The supply of Yellow Birch logs suitable for baseball billets is more limited then Ash and Maple. The sap wood or live wood looks very similar to Maple and the heart wood has a brown color.
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