Aul Bat Co. Aul Bat Co. Y71 Wood Bat | Maple | 29" (-3)
Traditional Knob | Medium Handle
Quick Transition | Small Barrel
29" (-9) Balanced - Youth
The Y71 is our lightest weight youth model, with a thin handle and smaller barrel. The dimensions of the bat tend to sacrifice strength but might be the better option for the smaller hitter. All wood bats are legal under the new USA bat standards.Handle: 7/8"Barrel: 2 -¼"Knob: TaperedTransition: Quick
Beaver Bat Co. Beaver Bat Co. USA Turbo Wood Baseball Bat | Maple | 28"(-9)
Flared Knob | Thin Handle
Gradual Transition | Long/Small Barrel
28" (-9) Balanced
This bat includes a flared knob, thin 7/8" handle, and a long small 2-1/4" barrel. The long barrel allows for the weight to be more evenly distributed throughout the entire length of the bat. This allows the bat to have a more balanced feel.
Mark Lumber Mark Lumber Youth Pro Limited Wood Baseball Bat | Maple | 29" (-9)
Traditional Knob | Medium
Gradual | Small
29" (-9) Balanced
The Mark Lumber Co. Youth Pro Limited wood baseball bat provides an excellent choice for young hitters looking to swing the same quality bats as their idols do. It features a Little League approved barrel diameter and offers a large hitting surface combined with excellent balance. Starting to hit with a wooden bat at a young age is the ultimate learning tool and allows young hitters to correct some mechanical flaws that may be hard to identify when swinging a metal bat.  Barrel Diameter: 2.25"Handle Diameter: 0.92"Density*: 0.430 oz/
Overfly Overfly Model Y26 Wood Bat | Ash | 29" (-9)
Traditional Knob | Medium
29" (-9)
Our version of the model originally designed for Chase Utley. Characterized by its thin handle and very quick taper. This generates a lot of whip without the need of a huge barrel, making it a very dense, powerful model.
Stinger Bat Co. Stinger Bat Co. Model YB Youth Wood Bat | Maple
Traditional Knob | Medium
(-9) Balanced
The Stinger Bat Co. Model YB Youth wood baseball bat is made using the same professional standards as the adult bats. When a kid learns to hit with a wood bat they will become a much better hitter with aluminum and composite. Training with our pro grade youth bats is the best thing a young hitter can do to learn how to hit the ball on the sweet spot with more regularity. All of our bats are made using the highest quality wood available, all of MADE IN THE USA
Titan Bats Titan Bats Model EX15:3 Wood Bat | Maple
Traditional Knob | Medium
28" Balanced
This Titan Ex15:3 wood baseball bat is designed for young players being introduced to a wooden bat. Its balanced swing weight and durability is second to none. Made from the highest quality of wood possible, this bat will surely bring confidence to any young hitter.  
Viper Bats Viper 271 UltraLight Wood Bat | Birch
Traditional Knob | Thick
Gradual | Medium
28" Slightly End Loaded
The in-stock small barrel UltraLight 271 wood baseball bat is designed for the younger player looking to get a jump on the competition and needs a bat in a hurry. Coming in at an ideal -8 to -10 weight drop and a little league® compliant 2.25" barrel, this model is a must have for every player learning to hit with wood.
Viper Bats Viper 271 UltraLight Wood Bat | Maple
Traditional Knob | Thick
Gradual | Medium
29" Slightly End Loaded
The 271 is one of the most popular designs ever created. The tapered knob fits perfectly in your hands and transitions from a 15/16" handle to a balanced barrel creating just the right amount of flex. It is no wonder this maximum performer has stood the test of time.  The 271 wood baseball bat has proven itself to be a great all around bat for youth hitters as well big leaguers and everyone in between. 

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