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Chandler Bats Fungo and Trainer Bats Black | White / 33
Chandler Bats Fungo and Trainer Bats Black | White / 33
Chandler Bats Fungo and Trainer Bats Black | White / 33

Chandler Bats OT19 FBT Flat Trainer Wood Baseball Bat | Maple


Our personal favorite and top hitting tool with coaches is now available to everyone.
The FBT Flat Trainer wood baseball bat is a great tool for teaching proper swing path.

These specially designed flat bat trainers allow you to approach your work on the tee or live batting practice with immediate and constant feedback. When a proper path to the ball is exhibited, the ball will launch straight forward. Any imperfection in your swing - dropping the rear shoulder, rolling over of the hands or misalignment, is expressed by the outward path of the ball. Take a set of swings off the tee with the flat side, then simply roll the barrel to the normal curved surface and see the dramatic impact this trainer makes. Offered in 33" 33 oz.

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One of the first things you might notice about your new Chandler Bat is the black ink dot on the handle of the wood. But before we explain what that is, we first need to explain why it’s there. Back in 2009, concerns about the safety and durability of wood bats, particularly at the Major League level, were called in to question. Bats were breaking at an alarming rate, and sharp shards were flying through the air, endangering the safety of players and spectators.

Chandler Bats saw this problem and became committed to producing more tolerant bats for both professional as well as amateur players. Major League Baseball has now mandated that bats used by professional players undergo extensive testing to eliminate multi-piece breakages, caused by poor “slope of grain.” Bats with poor slope of grain break at a more frequent rate and cause the barrel to go flying when they break. Strong bats with good slope of grain, however, will only ever “rupture” after extended periods of use. These ruptures generally occur along the handle as a result of getting jammed or striking a ball off the tip of the barrel.

To test whether a bat has good slope of grain, we take a drop of black ink and place it onto the handle after the bat has been sanded down. It is often hard to see the way in which the grain runs on hard maple, so as the ink soaks into the wood, it will “bleed” along the grain. If it bleeds straight, then we know that we have made you a bat with a strong, durable, safe piece of wood. This is why the Ink Dot test remains a necessary and interesting part of the Chandler Bat making process.


Every Chandler bat crafted will arrive to you with a rubber band wrapped around the handle. We meant to leave that on. This was used by all departments during the creation of your Chandler Bat to ensure it was the highest quality. It’s a symbol and our promise to you that our family takes pride in your creation. Welcome to the family.


The gold Chandler logo Is not only our signature brand, but a mark of premium high-quality craftsmanship within the game of baseball. The Chandler 22k gold logo just like the players whose bats sport it represents innate desire to separate from the competition. For us, it symbolizes the determination each player holds toward his or her own success – and ours.

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