Phoenix DR271 Wood Bat | Birch


Traditional Knob | Thick | Gradual | Medium
29" (-5) Slightly End Loaded

Phoenix DR271 Wood Bat | Birch


Traditional Knob | Thick | Gradual | Medium
29" (-5) Slightly End Loaded


Bat Specifications:

  • Brand: Phoenix
  • Turn Model: DR271
  • Wood Species: Birch
  • Length: 29"
  • Drop Weight: (-5)
  • Colorway: Natural(Uncoated)/Black
  • Finish: Raw - Unfinished
  • Cupping: Cupped

The Phoenix Bat DR271 wood baseball bat typical user:

  • Big, muscular 12-13 yr power guy getting ready for high school ball
  • Wants more hitting area and has size to handle barrel end weight
  • Likes more cone shaped knob for more flare than traditional style
  • Too big for youth bat but not ready for weight of full size bat


  • 2-1/2" high school size barrel but at more manageable weight
  • Longer hitting area makes for end-weighted power bat
  • 15/16" flares out into just enough knob to catch hand
  • -5 drop (length - 5 = weight)
The Wood Bat Factory Logo

The Wood Bat Factory is passionate about the importance of every player using a wood bat. We also stand behind every product we offer. We know that every brand we carry starts off with the best billets available ANYWHERE. A Leatherstocking Hand-Split Billet Co. Billet.

This is why we offer a 30 day warranty on every playing bat we sell*.

We understand that transitioning to wood, and becoming a better batter requires practice. If you are new to wood bats we highly recommend swinging a bat with a thick handle. This adds durability to bat in the area where it is most vulnerable to breakage should a mis-hit occur. And as you transition to wood - mis-hits will occur. No bat regardless of brand or wood quality can sustain mis-hits near the end of the barrel, or near the label. Sooner or later, mis-hitting will lead to bat breakage, and even the pros break bats.

A broken bat - isn't necessarily while not fun - should be viewed as a learning opportunity. Maybe you should have laid off of that inside fast ball! A broken bat is just one of the feedback mechanisms that a wood bat offers that a metal bat never will. In addition to possibly breaking - wood bats provide instant feedback in the way of both tactile and audible ques. There's a reason your hands sting, or the hit sounds funny when you miss the sweet spot.

We are so passionate about our mission to get every player swinging a wood bat that our warranty is designed to encourage players young and old to use a wood bat every time they step into the box. We will replace your bat regardless of whether it was a manufacturing defect, which let's face it - despite the fact that we offer only bats made from the highest quality wood available, and from brands with discriminating quality assurance processes - can happen, or if it's broken by a player swinging a pitch that he shouldn't have swung at!

*Our warranty does not cover neglect or abuse.

For full warranty details - see our WARRANTY PAGE HERE or Submit a Warranty Claim

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